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All followers of God are called to worship Him in all aspects of life.  However, there is something special and unique about coming together as a body of believers, celebrating who God is and how He has transformed our lives, both as individuals and as a congregation.  As we continue to listen to the Holy Spirit regarding how we can best worship Him, we desire to demonstrate these three things each Sunday morning and throughout our lives:

Looking UP…

Honoring and praising our great God: the Father and Lord of creation, the Savior and Redeemer of the world, and the Counselor and Comforter of our souls.  One who has demonstrated such amazing Grace towards us deserves our praise and celebration.

Looking IN…

Recognizing the work God has done and continues to do in each of our lives, and striving to act humbly, love mercy, and walk humbly with Him each day.

Looking OUT…

Remembering the compassion that God has shown humanity throughout history, and answering the call to share the truth of the Gospel and the love of Christ with each other, our local communities, and the world at large.

Our congregation is made up from individuals with a wide range of experiences and backgrounds.  Though ABC was founded in 1934 in the Baptist tradition, the memories and values of numerous denominations and faith traditions are represented and recognized in our current church family.  It is a tricky balance—our diversity at ABC is not only one of our greatest assets, but also one of our greatest challenges—but the Holy Spirit continues to bless us as we strive every Sunday to worship God honestly and authentically.

As a result, we do our best in our corporate worship to express ourselves in a way that is true to our highly diverse fellowship, creating an experience that is true to who we are as a body while seeking God’s guidance prayerfully in order to worship him in spirit and in truth.  We embrace the opportunities to learn new and creative ways of giving the Lord praise, while honoring the traditions of those that have gone before us.  Our music in worship represents many styles and traditions, both new and old.  Our prayer time, often collaborative in nature, seeks to remember the praises and needs of the local community as well as the global community.  Our two pastors share preaching duties from Sunday to Sunday; their sermons are deeply rooted in the Word, striving to celebrate and recognize the continuing work God does in our lives both individually and corporately.

As we praise God together through music and prayer, individuals are encouraged to express themselves honestly.  For one person, this might mean standing and raising their hands; for another, it might mean sitting in quiet reflection; for someone else, it might mean kneeling down in humility and meditation.  We desire for each individual to meet God in their own way, with freedom to worship without pressure from others.

On the first Sunday of each month, we come together for Communion during our morning worship service to celebrate Christ’s sacrifice for us at the cross.  All those who have accepted Jesus as their Savior are welcome to join us in taking communion, regardless of your church background or membership.

If you have more questions about how we worship together on Sunday mornings, feel free to contact one of the pastors, the Worship Coordinator, or any ABC member with whom you feel comfortable talking!


Loren Roberts serves as our Worship Coordinator, overseeing the planning and leading of our worship services at ABC, including supervising a rotating volunteer roster of worship team members that lead the congregation on Sunday mornings.

We currently have a small team of Worship Leaders who help to plan weekly services, as well as prepare the other worship team members to lead the congregation on Sunday mornings. Loren shares this responsibility with a team of other gifted members of the ABC community.  The Worship Leader serves as a facilitator during our Sunday services, leading both the Music Team and the congregation in our corporate praise and worship.


Our principal Music Team is made up of a gifted group of instrumentalists and vocalists, emerging over the years from within our congregation to lead us in our worship through congregational music.  These dedicated and talented individuals volunteer their time and talents to bless God earnestly while encouraging the congregation to celebrate and praise Him for all that He has done and all He continues to do in our lives.  Among our Music Team are artists who have led worship in a myriad of settings: everything from small church and college groups to congregations and worship events with thousands in attendance.

Our church also has a long choral tradition, continually evolving throughout ABC’s history.  Currently, our ABC Choir sings during the Sunday worship service about once a month, drawing from a wide variety of musical genres, including contemporary worship, music from the Black Gospel tradition, and classic hymns and anthems. The choir also sings at community events where justice, community, and faith are hallmarks.


Each month, an individual is chosen to support the Worship Leader in some of the elements of our weekly worship.  Our Lay Leaders share with us through opening prayers, scripture readings, and the taking of our offering. Lay Leaders often share personal experiences and reflections in the context of worship that help us to get to know one another better—another way we can value the diversity within our congregation!

We are also blessed with individuals who meet our audio/visual needs each Sunday. A volunteer staff of Sound Technicians make sure we can hear clearly those leading from the stage.  A group of techno-savvy Visual Media Operators make sure we have lyrics and scriptures presented to the congregation so we can be participants instead of spectators.

A friendly crew of Ushers are always ready to assist you as you enter the church sanctuary every week.  They will also happily point you to our Infant Care Room (adjacent to the sanctuary), the church nursery for preschoolers, and our Kids Church programs happening during the church service.  (And, most importantly, the restrooms.)


Everyone who comes to church—not only those on stage, but those in the pews—is an active part of each Sunday worship service.  However, we are grateful to all those who give of their time and abilities to lead us each week.  Interested in being part of the leading experience?  See the Opportunities to Serve page for more details.

Our worship team is made up almost entirely by volunteers.  Would you like to be part of the experience of leading one another in worship?  Here are some of the ways you can help…

ABC Choir (choral ensemble)

Do you like to sing?  Would you like to encourage others to do the same during our worship services?  Your first stop (besides coming to church, that is) would be to join the wonderful voices in our ABC Choir.  We’ve always had a “y’all come” policy with our choral groups: whether you’ve never sung with a group or in front of a crowd before, or if you’re an “old pro” at church music, it doesn’t matter.  Prior experience or training is welcome, but not necessary; simply a desire to praise God through music.  Rehearsals are select Wednesday nights at 7:00 PM, and the Choir currently sings in Sunday services about once a month.  See the Choir Director for more details regarding the schedule.

Contact: Loren Roberts, Worship Coordinator

Music Team (band)

If you play an instrument, or are able to sing melody/harmony in a small group setting, we would like to know about it!  The principal Music Team is made up of a rotating roster of volunteer vocalists and instrumentalists.  Prior experience and/or musical training is especially helpful in this area, largely due to the minimal practice time allotted before Sunday services.

Contact: Loren Roberts, Worship Coordinator


We are regularly in need of individuals who are willing to greet people as they enter the sanctuary, or help us as we take our tithes and offerings.  If you are within the ages of 10-100, we can use your help!

Contact: Rob Ottaviano, Lead Usher

Lay Leaders

Every month, we ask someone from the congregation to assist the Lead Worshipper in leading some of the elements of worship.  Normally, this includes the opening prayer (invocation) and the prayer for our tithes and offerings.  There is also the optional opportunity to share reflections each week that fit in with our corporate worship experience.  A Lay Leader’s term of service usually begins on the second Sunday of a given month, and concludes with the first Sunday of the following month, where he/she assists the pastors in the celebration of the Lord’s Supper (communion).

Contact: Coreen Larson, Worship Department

Audio Technicians (sound)

This is perhaps one of the most vital, yet most underappreciated, positions in worship ministry.  We need men and women with attentive skills, an eye for detail, and a little technical knowhow to set up, run, and break down our sound system on Sundays.  If you’ve never run a sound system before, it shouldn’t discourage you, as you can be trained on the job by our current amazing sound techs.  Volunteers serve on a rotating basis, so you would probably serve about once a month, if you are interested in helping.

Contact: Loren Roberts, Worship Coordinator

Visual Media (projector/computer)

Our Visual Media Operators are an important link between our leaders and participants in worship, making sure that song lyrics, scriptures, and other media is presented each Sunday for the congregation.  General competency with PC-based programs (such as Microsoft PowerPoint and Word) is helpful for learning how to operate the software used during our weekly services.  Additionally, a solid understanding and familiarity with worship music is helpful.  Volunteers serve on a rotating basis, so you would probably serve about once a month, if you are interested in helping.

Contact: Loren Roberts, Worship Coordinator