FINAL schedule
date LEAD guitar guitar bass piano drums vox 1 vox 2 vox 3 vox 4 others offertory sound MediaShout Lay Leader lead usher deacon greeter special BLACKOUTS
APRIL 2019
4/7 Loren Tim Mike Loren Rob O. Christina Paula Claudia choir t/c L. Barinaga Isabel Raul Chevez Terry Harris Kathy Cady COMMUNION Rob Ottaviano [no lead], Kathy Cady, Brenda Curl, Eileen Pino, Warren Horton
4/14 Rob O. Loren Loren Kathy Colbie Roland t/c Mike Mary Felita Kealing Ren Barinaga Elton Blake Leon Barinaga, Tim E-M, Leon White, Eileen Pino, Zoë O-P, John Pom
4/21 Loren Zoë Mike Mia/Loren Rob O. Gabby Brenda Robert D-V Paula choir Mia Warren Brady Felita Kealing James Lee Don Winbush Tim E-M, Leon White, Isabel Vogel, Claudia Wiley
4/28 Brenda Mike Loren Claudia Paula Roland Mayuto t/c L. White Gabby Felita Kealing Natashia Masten Lauren DeVaughn Isabel Vogel, Zoë O-P
MAY 2019
5/5 Loren Tim Mike Loren Eileen Brenda Paula Mayuto t/c Warren Isabel Felita Kealing Terry Harris Phyllis Blackwood Henderson COMMUNION Rob Ottaviano, Eileen Pino, Robert D-V
5/12 Loren HYMNS Loren Sherry C. Lauren D-V Brenda Eileen t/c L. Barinaga Natashia Masten Ren Barinaga RLou Norquist John Pom, Rob Ottaviano, Kathy Cady, Leon White, Isabel Vogel
5/19 Mike Tim Loren Loren John Brenda Gabby Kathy t/c L. White Mary Natashia Masten James Lee Ivory Webster Rob Ottaviano [no lead], Claudia Wiley, George Van Alstine
5/26 Rob O. Zoë Loren Loren Rob O. Robert D-V Colbie Roland t/c Mike Brady Natashia Masten Terry Harris Kathy Cady Brenda Curl, Leon White, Isabel Vogel, Warren Horton
JUNE 2019
6/2 Brenda Tim Mike Loren Rob O. Christina Paula Roland Robert D-V choir t/c Warren Mary Natashia Masten Terry Harris Elton Blake COMMUNION Mike O-P
6/9 Rob O. Loren Loren Eileen Brenda Claudia t/c L. Barinaga Tim McElrath Ren Barinaga Joyce Spencer Paula DV, John Pom, Leon White, Isabel Vogel, Mike O-P [no lead]
6/16 Mike Loren Loren Rob O. Gabby Lauren D-V Robert D-V t/c Warren Zoë Tim McElrath James Lee Phyllis Blackwood Henderson John Pom, Kathy Cady, Isabel Vogel, Warren Horton, Claudia Wiley
6/23 Loren/Gabby Tim Loren Loren Colbie Paula Kathy choir t/c Mike Brady Tim McElrath Natashia Masten Lauren DeVaughn John Pom, Kathy Cady, Leon White, Zoë O-P
6/30 kids/Loren kids kids Loren kids kids kids kids t/c L. White Zoë Tim McElrath Rob Ottaviano Don Winbush 5th SUNDAY John Pom, Kathy Cady, Brenda Curl,
Note: names in RED indicate recent changes to schedule
It is your responsibility to FIRST inform Loren (BEFORE finding a sub) if you will not be available on your assigned Sunday. Loren: 626-824-2528
(AFTER notifying Loren, it is helpful if you can assist in making arrangements for a substitute or the trading of dates.)
date time event members needed notes
4/21 11:00 AM Easter Sunday choir, etc.
WORSHIP DEPARTMENT MEETINGS 2nd Sunday of each month, 8:00 AM