Our Heart for the World

If you worship with us on any given Sunday at Altadena Baptist Church, it is likely that you would find yourself sitting in the same pew with someone born in another country.  Or, if not in the same pew, likely the next one over.  Many nations of the world are represented in worship at ABC.  Brazil, Papua New Guinea, Jamaica, Egypt, Argentina, Lebanon, Korea, India, Philippines, Guyana, Chile, Sri Lanka, Bolivia, Peru, South Africa and Trinidad, are some of the countries of origin currently represented in the congregation.  Even our Americans are a varied blend of ethnicities and regions.

The world has come to our door.  We celebrate the richness of our diversity in music, prayer, worship and, of course, at meals.  And we can’t help but be concerned about and active in the greater world as a result.  A lively missions focus has long been an integral part of our purpose.  We pray for a different part of the world each Sunday.  We support the work of God in many corners of the world.  We aim to have a world-wide impact disproportionate to our small size.  We believe that as we expand our giving, we ourselves are enlarged and enriched.

Globalization.  We live it.  We love it.

Our Missions Focus

Amazing Grace School – Ghana, Africa
Bikfaya Baptist Church – Lebanon
Caldwell, Larry & Mary – Phillippines
Dodrill, Mark & Stephanie – Spain
Everett, Dot – Native Americans
Geary, Paul & Becky – Indonesia
Gollings, Ruth – Mexico
Hervey, John & Debbie – Arizona
Mputela, Amba – Ivory Coast, Africa
Mundhenk, Norm – Papua New Guinea
(Confidental), Steve & Amy – Southeast Asia
Powell, Zach & Beth – North Aftrica
Porter, Khrystel – Africa
Wilkinson, Steve & Barbara – Phillippines
Young, Dick & Bev – Uruguay
Young, Lynette – Uruguay

Some links are to Baptist General Conference where there is more detail. Email addresses not linked for personal security.