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Chances are, wherever you sit on a Sunday morning, you will be within reach of someone who grew up with a different background or who speaks another language.  Often enough, you will be encouraged to sing a verse in a language you do not know.  Every Sunday we will pray around the world, and at special times of the year you might even hear that prayer in another person’s heart language.  And certainly, every time there is a pot-luck meal downstairs, exotic smells wafting up from Barinaga Hall let you know that you’re about to embark on a culinary journey around the world, in keeping with our far reaching and far flung congregation.

Every Sunday we come together in celebration of God’s great love for the whole world.  Embedded in our worship is our concern for the world which springs naturally from the heart of ABCers transplanted here from places far and wide.  Our concern is also driven by the great treasure that we have found in Jesus Christ.  We have forgiveness of sin and new life through him!  And we are determined to share that treasure freely with all we can.  To that purpose we support missionaries and overseas workers who are tasked with shining the light of Jesus near and far.

Currently some of the areas of special concern for us in prayer and financial support are:

  • The Middle East
  • Muslims in Africa
  • Abused women and children in Mexico
  • Youth in Spain
  • First Nations Peoples here in the USA
  • Christians being equipped in the Philippines and South East Asia to be teachers, preachers and missionaries
  • A church being planted in Uruguay
  • A sister church in Lebanon
  • A school for children in poverty in Ghana

We are people who have been saved by God’s grace.  And we have the privilege of expressing Christ’s amazing love to our community and to our world by being united across many different walks of life, and by sharing the good news of God’s amazing grace in Christ Jesus.  It’s in our DNA.

Come pray with us!  Come give with us!  Come change the world with us!

Faith Promise Missions is a personal commitment to God to give a certain amount of money during the coming year, above and beyond the regular tithe.  It involves:

  • Prayer.  Each person is to pray, asking God to direct them in this commitment, and to provide the money needed to follow through.  It’s a simple prayer: “Lord, what would you have me do this coming year to enable me to make this commitment to you of a faith promise for missions?”
  • Commitment.  Once a person understands what amount God wants them to give, they communicate that amount to the church.  We will not track anyone’s giving, or send reminders, or keep anyone on a giving schedule.  We simply want to know the amount so as to arrive at a yearly goal—so we know what we can expect to give to our missions concerns.
  • Faith.  During the year, the person looks with the eyes of faith to see ways God is enabling them to meet that Faith Promise.  Different people have found different ways to give.  One person grew vegetables, set them out for people to take, along with a donation basket nearby.  One person got an unexpected bonus in the very amount of their faith promise commitment.  Another made adjustments in their lifestyle, cutting their Starbucks coffee habit to give the money instead to missions.  Yet another found a small income stream aside from their salary that they dedicated to God.  The key is to discover in faith how God wants to supply that gift in the first place so that the person then can re-gift it to missions.

Faith Promise Missions is a spiritual exercise of discipline and obedience to God.  Those who take on this commitment of faith experience the transformation that comes when faith becomes their daily filter.  They see things differently that they would not have seen before.  They see God at work in new ways.  They find great joy in discovering how their generous God supplies for their commitment.

Discover how strengthening and encouraging it is to take a step of faith.  The journey starts with a simple prayer.  Are you ready to take that first step? Donate now.

Dot Everett has spent her life loving and serving First Nations People (Native Americans), doing her part to reverse the atrocious, lingering effects of genocide these tribes experienced hundreds of years ago, bringing the hope of Jesus Christ to hopeless situations. Dot and her husband Art lived and worked on a Lakota Sioux Reservation in White River, South Dakota, adopted twin Native daughters, worked at the US Center for World Mission (which brought them into ABC’s family), and then moved back to Colorado, where Dot continues mentoring, researching, encouraging, teaching –bringing together her love of Jesus and her love of native peoples. Dot asks us to: “Cry out to the Lord to heal the Native Peoples, the land, and all the nations of North America including relationships with our US government. Pray. Pray. Pray. Pray. Pray. Pray.”