History of the Pastoral Leadership at ABC

Bethel Baptist, Pasadena
First Baptist, Altadena
(Pasadena Swedish Baptist Church)
1920 Church Established
1921–1926  J.A. Carlson 1934  Church Established
1926–1936  Sven Engwall 1934–1937  Elmer Gottschalk
1936–1941  Harold Martinson
1942–1946  Floyd Bergfalk 1938–1950  Albert E. Tebay
1947–1948  Eugene Johnson 1951–1951  Dr. James Jauncy
1950–1953  Harold Sarles 1951–1953  William D. Painter
1954–1956  Earl S. Poysti 1953–1956  Allan H. Smyth
1956            Albert E. Tebay (interim)
1957–1960  Henry Lord 1956–1961  Robert G. Dow
1961–1963  J. Gordon Platt
1964–1966  Willard J. Sall 1962–1966  James L. Mason
Altadena Baptist Church
1966–1968  James L. Mason
1969–1971  Lyndon P. Karo
1971–1972  Dr. Ralph P. Martin (interim)
1972–1991  George Van Alstine
1991–present Co-Pastors: George Van Alstine and Constance Larson DeVaughn

Historical Items

The Bell

Dear Pastor George,  Your essay about the bell in a recent Messenger brought back memories.

I recall being up in the old steeple where the bell once hung. Others up there, if my memory serves me correctly, were Ed Stankey, Walter Brown and Bill Britt.  Down below were Bud Walsworth and (so he recently informed me) my son, Ken.

There had to be others because the thing was quite heavy and it took quite a few men to lower it.  I’m sure that Ken was no help as he was quite young and was only an observer (He was born January 1951.) – Norm Rhinehart.

Later note: The Altadenan newpaper had a clipping titled “The Bell Tower Falls“. It seems to be from the 1950s which coincides with Norm’s memory of Ken being young.

The Old Church Building

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Tag that was found on the back of the photo of the old building when it was re-framed, read:
The original church, built in the 1920s on the corner lot, torn down in 1972. Photo taken by first church clerk, R.N. Martin, around 1960.

Article in the Altadenan 2 May 1968 – The First Pulpit in Altadena was a Draped Carton

Early History article – Found was a draft of an early history, written sometime 1938–1950 when Rev Tebay was pastor, but seeming to be written in the early 1940s. Page 1, Page 2, and Page 3

Earlier Historical Books – 2009 was the 75th anniversary of the church. In the interests of preserving our history, some of the earliest books (from 1st Baptist) were scanned for you to look at. The “title” won’t mean much, your webmaster just needed a way to describe the book. Keep watch over time as, hopefully, more will be added.

BlackBookBlueBinding (12.7megs) – Rev Clinton Goodwin kept a book with clippings in it. There’s also some receipts for utilities, nominating committee recommedations, and a couple pictures.

SmallBrownBook (3,5megs) – The first minutes book, kept b R.N. Martin, first clerk. Also includes the first membership record, and attendance figures.