Thank you Father for the wind in my face
Thank you for my secret place
For Your Son who died for me
Just so I can be set free
Thank you for my mom and dad
Also for the time we had
For my brother even when we fought
And for everything I was taught

Thank you Holy Father for the air
And telling me you care
Thank you for calling my parents home
But not leaving me alone
Thank you for being there when I need you most
Thank you for the beautiful coast
For the air I breathe every day
And for helping me on my way

For the talent to make these rhymes
And when you forgave me all those times
Thank you for my troubles with the law
Thank you for letting me see what I saw
The things I have heard
And the power of your Word
Thank you for the people all around
And for this solid ground

The birds of the air
The fish in the sea down there
The beasts on the land
And the touch of your hand
Thank you for letting me know your Son
And all you have done
Thank you for the pain I’ve been through
Because that’s shown me you

I thank you from the bottom of my heart
Thank you that you will never depart
Thank you for your faithfulness mercy and love
Thank you for keeping an eye on me from above
Thank you for me wanting you more
All all the things and people I adore
Even when life gets rough
Thank you I can never say enough.

William Lebsch – 20 Nov 2020