As a traditional Baptist Church, ABC is governed by its congregation, not by autocratic Pastor/Elder leaders. Practically speaking, the current leadership includes both lay and clergy representatives, with every member of the Congregation involved in overall policy decisions through the Deacon Board and the Pastors acting on a day-to-day basis to carry out those decisions.

ABC’s current leadership team is shown here:

Church Moderator Felita Kealing, Associate Pastor George Van Alstine, Pastor Connie DeVaughn, Deacon Board Chair Debra Blake

Here’s a Pep Talk put together by Deacon Chair Debra Blake just after our October Quarterly Congregational Meeting:

Did you miss the October 29, 2023 ABC Quarterly Business Meeting?

Well, trusting that the Holy Spirit would inspire me during the previous week for this business meeting, I took notes for my “Deacon Board Chair” presentation. So, you’re in luck; the following is what I prepared to say:

  • How many “official officers” share in the supervision of ABC’s church work? 15! According to ABC’s constitution 9 of 15 elected officers are to work or serve as Deacons.
  • WHY does ABC have a Board of Deacons? To facilitate the operations of our church’s work!
  • During this fiscal year the Board of Deacons have been operating with seven members because of an inability to recruit two additional church members to the Board.
  • Why? I am not sure. – – – Personally, serving my deaconship I have experienced several benefits – I’ve been a part of the initial thought process, ideas, planning, fact-finding, resolution, and decisions; I’ve gotten a deepened sense or understanding of ABC and of co-Deacons; and grown closer to other Deacon members and to the Lord (of which the latter is invaluable). Getting closer to the Lord has helped me obtain a deeper spiritual blessing.
  • Participation on the Deacon Board affords an opportunity to work in one of five Departments; depending on God-given gifts and interest. So, if you’re interested in helping direct the business of the church to accomplish the church’s mission then serve as a Deacon.
  • In March 2024 our Nominating Committee will make contacts with hopes of filling three deacon positions, one being vacated by a current Deacon completing the three-year term as well as the other two vacant positions that need filling.
  • So, if you are approached, please give considerable thought to the needs of the church and pray for direction in your response.
  • And, certainly, if the Holy Spirit is currently speaking to you on this matter, reach out to one of our Pastors.
  • The Board is appealing to all ABC members to give thought to the body of this Church. As members each of us has a personal obligation and purpose to participate in God’s work!

Don’t just accept my opinion on spiritual gifts and needs of the church body; read the facts in 1 Corinthians 12:7-21.

– – Debra Blake