Last week, somebody posted a meme about how the word STRESSED written backward spells DESSERTS. Ever since then, I’ve been treating my worrisome nature with bowls and bowls of ice cream. It worked. But now I can’t buckle my belt, which has given me something new to worry about. My DESSERTS have flipped me back to STRESSED.

I tried to think about other words that have a very different meaning when spelled backwards. I found an explanation for why clothes that are KNITS begin to STINK when they’re left in a pile on the floor. I realized that the way some people LIVE is EVIL, maybe because the DEVIL has LIVED through them. I learned that a DIAPER is a way parents are REPAID for their baby’s smile. They may have found their REWARD in a DRAWER. I understood why some NRA members feel more SNUG at home when they have GUNS in their closet, but I hope they keep them in the closet, because WAR can be very RAW. I had some MAPS saved on my computer, but I accidentally pushed the SPAM button and lost them. If I made a rule that I would PEEK at messages before I delete them, I would be more likely to KEEP things of value. A lot of PUPILS SLIPUP on keeping important school work.

Unfortunately, some people who are religious seem to treat GOD as if he’s their pet DOG, who just hangs around to do their bidding. This is more like paganism than Christianity; their own desires are DEIFIED and made into idols in their own image. Actually, DEIFIED spells the same backwards and forwards, which makes sense, because people who diminish God just go around in circles.

Words, like DEIFIED, that mean the same thing in both directions are called palindromes. Some other examples are LEVEL, CIVIC, MADAM, HANNAH, NUN, NOON, ROTATOR, REFER, RADAR and RACECAR.

Since this coming Sunday will be Mother’s Day, I want to point out that a good MOM is the same in both directions, when you’re up and when you’re down, through thick and thin.┬áSo is a good DAD, by the way. And a good SIS. A Bro? Not as likely.

!WOW, this makes my head spin. Let me put it the opposite way: WOW!