Part of last Sunday’s on-line ABC Worship Service was a dialog prayer by Deacon Chair Phyllis Blackwood Henderson and Pastor George Van Alstine.* After reviewing the awful reminders of the raw evidence of America’s racism during the past week, they brought these requests to the Lord:

George: Lord, we’re asking for your grace and healing, for the grieving families, for the communities in turmoil, for confused leaders.

Phyllis: We’re also asking for something bigger, for a lasting change in people’s hearts. And for a change in our society, so that every person is treated with the same respect.

George: And, Lord, we’re asking that it begin with us, with Phyllis and me, and our community of faith at ABC. Help each of us to ask, “What can I do, today, to make a real difference?

Phyllis: Through my work as a school teacher, help me to find ways to instill values in children that enable them to see through the eyes of people of a different race, with a different faith, with a different sexual orientation.

George: And help me in my role as a Pastor to be true to spirit of the Lord Jesus, who embraced every person, and especially those who were looked down upon in society.

Phyllis: We ask these things in Jesus’ name, Amen.

*   *   *   *

Will you add your personal prayer about what part you can play in making sure people around you are not pre-judged because of their race? Please, also give some thought to what part our church can play in making this a community where every person is respected and valued equally. If you have ideas about some real action you think ABC can take, please contact one of the pastors.

* Last Sunday’s sermon can be viewed here, and the prayer can be viewed in its entirety beginning at 16:15