We’ve gathered some supportive notes people have delivered to ABC the last couple of weeks. Enjoy!

I miss you all each Sunday. Love you,

Juanita DeVaughn 

Thank you all for what you are doing to adapt during this difficult time. God Bless,

Eileen Pino 

Pastors and Leaders – Thank you for your every effort to share God’s grace, hope, and Bible teachings. I am well…but God!!!

Deborah Cook 

A fond hello to our ABC friends and family.

Don and Toni Ferrell 

Hi Lori, George, Connie, and Loren – Love to you all.

Kathy (Cady) and John (Pomroy) 

Hello ABC! I miss my family so much. Bless us all during this period of absence: Love,

Paula DeVaughn 

To our ABC family. Thank you for your kindness and sympathy at a time when it was deeply appreciated. Love always,

The Hendrix Family: Gloria, Niesha, Taylor, and Morgan 

Dear ABC Family, Many, many thanks for the phone calls, services online and the “Care Package” from last week — so special!

Mary Ann Logan 

Dear Church, Thanks for the nicest gift ever! You thought of everything: comfort, care, safety and candy. Thanks also for the Pomroys’ front door delivery and Tomi Horn’s weekly phone calls. The virtual Sunday Service is a true blessing. I miss you all and hope to be together soon.

Willie Streeter 

Dear Pastors Connie and George, I really enjoyed receiving the Care Package. Thank you for thinking of me. Love,

Patricia Harris 

ABC Family. Thank you so much for my Senior Drive-by. I really appreciated everyone coming to celebrate with me.

Isabel Vogel 

Dear Pastor Connie, Pastor George and the ABC Family, First of all, a big Thank You for making ABC such a great place. We are impressed with the online service. It is fun and hip to see the kids involved and is great at bringing our church into the digital age and new reality for all of us. We miss church “at church,” but believe social distancing is the right thing to do now. Thank you for celebrating our high school graduates with the car parade. Isabel loved it, as I am sure the others did. It made her feel cared for, and I don’t think she will ever forget it. Thank you for your prayers for our family during this time. We feel your prayers and graciously appreciate them. Blessings,

Chris, Kenny and Isabel Vogel

Wonderful service. The spirit of God filled it! The online Sunday services have been awesome and precious. We can feel not only Christ’s love but also our loving church family. Thank you also for helping us process the news and grieve the heartbreaking loss of Chet Kelsey. Sending love,

Audrey Powers and Miguel San Pedro

Thank you for the bag of goodies that one of the members just brought to my home. It’s so special and beautiful. Thank you for thinking about me. Hopefully we can all get together soon. Love you.

Carolyn Turnbough

I appreciate the phone calls, well wishes, prayers and the bag of goodies that were delivered to my house a few days ago. Receiving the roll of TP* made me laugh. Humor is part of what is getting us through these troubled times. God is still good, faithful, unchanging. The message I’m sharing with all are the Words our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ spoke often “Fear not”! In one passage He tells us not to fear because He is with us. I hope every believer clings to that hope and know we will come out better than before, because our faith will have been strengthened. With Love,

Bernice Thomas

* Each care package contained a roll of toilet paper with a special label: “You’ve been TP’d – Totally Prayed For!”