Pastor Connie led us in an inspiring ABC fellowship experience of Christmas this year by helping us express our feelings and beliefs through individual Christmas ornaments. During the Advent season, she encouraged us to think creatively about what Christmas 2019 means to us and express this through an ornament. Last Sunday, we brought the ornaments we had created, shared their meanings in small groups, then hung them on an untrimmed tree. When the Christmas lights were turned on, we were all impressed with the beauty of what we had created together. Here are some of the messages from the ornaments we all made:

Some Focused on Important Concepts We Think about at Christmas:

“Peace and Justice” “Love” “Life” “Time” “Chocolate”  “Gratitude” “Listen” “God, Family, Love, Respect, Truth, Integrity” “Family, Food and Faith”           

Some Expressed Christian Faith and Personal Testimonies:

“Jesus Our Savior” “Hope for the World” “Jesus sustains me through my darkest hours!” 

Many Showed Gratitude for Family Members, Including those who Have Passed Away:

“For My Family” “Loved ones”  “Sisters” “Family and Friends” (Several attached family photos as part of their ornaments)

There Was Some Good Advice, Possibly New Year’s Resolutions:

“Make new friends”  “Honor and Respect All People” “Let your faith be bigger than your fear”           

Some Were “Arty” and Showed Special Creativity:

Clayton Smith fashioned his out of leather and wrote the caption on the back: “C. Smith Leatherwork – Christmas 2019”

Kathryn Bassett reproduced on hers a photo of ABC’s old church building, which held many childhood faith memories for her.

Someone created an ornament in the shape of a fireworks display and wrote on the back: “Light of Fireworks Symbolizing Our Freedom in Jesus”

Two visualized the work of healthcare professionals, one with a realistic drawing of a stethoscope, the other with “RN” in bold letters next to an image of a heart.

And there Were Some that Hinted at an Important Background Story We’re not Told: “Through the ups and downs, love kept us together” “My angel from above” “Both / And”

You can check out our ABC Family Tree on Christmas Eve or next Sunday morning. You can still add your own personal ornament, if you wish.

— Pastor George Van Alstine