Hello to all friends and family of Altadena Baptist!

“THE MIRACLE OF UNITY” will be the theme of this year’s ABC HOMECOMING SUNDAY, November 4.

·     The sermon, in our continuing study of Paul’s letter to the Church at Philippi, will be about the MIRACLE OF UNITY that he was believing could happen to two strong personalities in the congregation who were clashing (Philippians 3:1-4).

·     ABC itself is a MIRACLE OF UNITY, because it is a fellowship that has been intentionally intercultural and interracial for more than forty-five years. We have also tackled other important change issues, such as the equality of women in leadership and the full acceptance of people with a variety of gender identifications, without going through any major fights or splits.

·     It’s also a MIRACLE OF UNITY that ABC has had the same pastoral team in leadership for more than thirty years, without experiencing personality or power struggles or debilitating factionalism.

We believe that the MIRACLE OF UNITY at ABC has another unique dimension that stretches over time and space and includes in its embrace people who have been part of the fellowship in the past, but have moved away. Many of you still keep contact in a number of ways, and that encourages us in our continuing witness in Altadena.

So, we’re asking you to be part of our Homecoming Celebration.

·     First, if you’re within driving distance, come and participate in worship and in fellowship around the table afterward.

·     Second, if you can’t physically be present, please send us an email or letter updating your life and telling us how we can pray for you.

·     Third, we encourage you to join in celebrating God’s continuing work at ABC by making a donation to ABC’s Homecoming Offering. You can easily do this by clicking on the link below and making an online donation on our website. You can also send a check directly to ABC (address below).


In this fractured world, at a time when American politics seems committed to tribalism and division, let’s demonstrate together our UNITY in Christ. It will take a MIRACLE, but fortunately, that’s our God’s specialty.

Pastor Connie Larson DeVaughn
Pastor George Van Alstine
Deacon Chair Rob Ottaviano