Vacation Bible School has been ABC’s most productive summer outreach program for more than fifty years. Just about the entire congregation is involved in one way or another in providing a welcoming atmosphere, solid content and child-centered activities. Many adults look back and mark the beginning of their spiritual journey from simple, happy songs learned as children at VBS.

This year’s theme will be “Shipwrecked: Rescued by Jesus.” That’s a heavy idea for kids, but they’re into adventure. Of course, the ship’s passengers find themselves on a jungle island full of surprises and dangers. Each day their Bible story confronts them with a challenge which Jesus helps them overcome. What problems do children face that may make them feel shipwrecked? Well, the daily themes are:

When you’re lonely, Jesus rescues!
Bible story – Jesus’ teaching about lost things (Luke 15).

When you worry, Jesus rescues!
Bible story – Martha’s compulsive caring (Luke 10:38-47).

When you struggle, Jesus rescues!
Bible story – Jesus’ prayer in the Garden (Luke 22:54).

When you do wrong, Jesus rescues!
Bible story – The dying thief on the cross (John 16:33).

When you’re powerless, Jesus rescues!
Bible story – Peter is unable to heal a lame man (Acts 3)

Yes, these are things children really deal with, but we also hope this early connection with Jesus as the Rescuer will remain in their minds years from now when they face life’s greater storms.

Please pray for the twenty-plus volunteers who will be working creatively with the children all week long. Pray especially for VBS Director Rob Ottaviano, who will be setting the tone for the most memorable experiences, and for Pastor Connie, who will be the Bible teacher helping to recreate these stories from Jesus’ life, so they can be understood by children.

We still need volunteers to help with snacks, assist grade-level classes, and a few other spots, including these items:

  • Toilet paper rolls
  • A ship’s steering wheel (wood or metal) – to borrow only
  • Ring Buoys (round life preservers) – to borrow only
  • Throw pillows
  • Roman/Trojan helmet
  • Old sheet (will be ripped up)

Financial contributions are always welcome for purchasing supplies and creating scholarships.

— Pastor George Van Alstine