by Pastor George Van Alstine

Sherry Marsh Cavallo has been through chronic, debilitating physical struggles for some time, with serious emotional and spiritual side effects. In January of this year, she had a real breakthrough encounter with God. She experienced healing in all dimensions, physical, emotional and spiritual. Since then she has felt totally changed, and she shares her joy with everyone she meets. On February 10 Sherry posted this message on the Altadena Baptist Church Facebook page:

I wrote a “poem.” I’m singing because I am so happy!
Here it is:

God has given me, dare I say it?
There are no words that can explain it.

A miracle. He answers prayer, beyond what we can imagine.
There are no words.

I once was sick–now healed–body, mind and soul.
There are…no words.

Can you remember such moments in your journey of faith? Something so striking and powerful that you would use the word “miracle” to describe it, or “no . . . words” at all?

Maybe you haven’t allowed the time or space in your busy life for such an encounter to happen. Or maybe your day-to-day world is so busy that you may pass by such a magic moment without noticing.

This period of Lent in preparation for Easter is designed to quiet us, to slow us down, to make us more open to the voice and leading of God. Will you be ready for that miracle moment God has prepared for you? If so, this Easter may be a genuine Day of Resurrection for you.