“Home” on My Computer
by Pastor George Van Alstine

I’m really getting into this computer stuff. My grandchildren are amazed at how adept I am at mining the internet for its rich deposits of wisdom and knowledge (LOL).

As I “browse” (a cool computer word for chewing on tiny clumps of information), I often find myself “linked to” (accidentally visiting) a strange site. As I read a comment or analysis, I may ask myself, “Wait a minute; who is this guy, where is he coming from?” So I look at the top of the page for the word “HOME.” This brings me to the opening page of that website, where I can usually find all I need to know about the meaning and motivation of the article I was reading. The “HOME” page typically lists who owns the website and what is his or her ax to grind. (“Ax to grind” is a metaphor, a symbolic way of writing that was used when people communicated in English, in the days before computer code language took over.) (BMGWL)

BTW, this is why we have a HOMECOMING SUNDAY each year at ABC. Spiritually, we’re all into browsing, exploring new ideas, ways of thinking, life experiences, feelings, ways to worship. If we’re not careful we can get lost in these meanderings and become stuck in some obscure cul-de-sac that doesn’t lead us to God or to doing his will. We may say, “Hold on; I’ve lost my way. Where did I go wrong?” It’s good to click on “HOME” once in a while to become reconnected with your core beliefs and root values. For many of us, this spiritual “HOME” is represented by ABC and its faithfulness to God’s purposes and the Gospel of Jesus over many years. For some, this is where we opened our heart to the Lord and first felt his welcome into the family of faith. Coming back to ABC, even for one day, can reconnect us to those early spiritual resources that may have dried up from neglect or been obscured by distractions.

You may be saying “YYSSW,” but it’s true! Pastor Connie and I feel the need for this annual networking among the broader ABC family as a reassurance that we’re still on course in giving spiritual guidance from the Bible, rather than just pastoring in a GIGO way. Seeing that people from ABC’s past still care enough to revisit can be a real tonic to those who attend regularly. And we think we can be a blessing and inspiration to you as well.

So GFI. Put it on your (on-line) calendar. Don’t be the missing piece in the jigsaw puzzle, the hole in the bucket, the stick-in-the-mud, the spam on the e-mail inbox (more metaphors). Be sure to click on “HOME” this Sunday, November 7.