July 13, 2009

75 Reasons Why You Should Be in Altadena
July 31-August 2
by Pastor George Van Alstine

◆ The 35 + out-of-towners who have already committed to attend ABC’s 75th Anniversary Celebration.

◆ The Friday evening Ice Cream Social and Game Night, where you’ll be able to chew the fat and talk about old times.

◆ The gala Saturday evening banquet, where you can experience nostalgic videos and great music, and join in honoring awardees, not to mention your enjoyment of a fine catered meal.

◆ The Sunday Morning Service, which will be the spiritual highlight of the weekend, focusing on the Lord’s Table and communion with ABCers of the past and future.

◆ The Sunday afternoon barbecue, picnic and carnival, where everyone will be able to kick back and enjoy each other.

◆ The other 25 to 30 reasons? Just name your friends at ABC. I’m sure the numbers will be higher than that.

Of course, the most important reason will be the Guest of Honor, the One who holds us all together. Our theme will be “Jesus Christ is the Same Yesterday, Today
and Forever.”
(Hebrews 13:8)

As we look to the past, we’ll realize that even though there have been dramatic changes in the way the Gospel is presented, the message is still the same. And this good news about salvation through Jesus Christ will be our gateway into our eternal future as well.

Wait, I lost count. That’s more than 75 reasons. Whatever! Just be there! Because you are one of the 75 reasons others will be attending the Celebration.

Note: The weekly ABC Messenger was not printed the week of July 6, 2009.