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Everybody Needs a Little TLC!

ABC’s home Bible Studies are called TLCs, short for Transformational Learning Communities. But we don’t mind that most people think TLC stands for Tender Loving Care, because that’s what happens in Bible study, too. If you are not currently involved in a home Bible study, we invite you to check one out. You may just want to be a part of the good learning, loving and connecting that comes with a small group. Meeting in different homes throught the week, each TLC Group has a style uniquely its own. But they all have in common solid Bible studies, deep prayer times and strong fellowship. That adds up to a lot of TLC! Call the church office for phone numbers of the contact people. You’ll be welcomed at any one of the groups. Call church office for current topics, addresses, and phone numbers.

contact persons are Mike and Cat O’Neal-Petterson, at their home – pot luck, child care provided

contact person is Jill Zobrist, held at home of Bill & Jill Zobrist



contact person is Ivory Webster, usually at ABC. Dessert is served

contact persons are Peter Larson and Alice Blackwood, at the church