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ABC’S Co-Pastors

Altadena Baptist Church has had two co-pastors for the past 30+ years, equal in rank and authority and fully sharing in the church’s teaching and preaching ministry.  This model affirms gender-equality in church leadership, which seems to us to be clearly implicit in Jesus’ teaching.  In practice, it has also demonstrated through more than two decades of joint service how the church’s pastoral ministry can be enhanced and enriched through female and male pastors caring for God’s people together.

Rev. George Van Alstine

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Pastor Van Alstine started his ministry at Altadena Baptist Church in 1972.  During that time, he has been involved in the spiritual journeys of some of the church’s families through three generations.  He has also been active in the Pasadena/Altadena community, particularly in the areas of race relations and support of public education.  He served eight years on the Pasadena School Board and is the author of The Christian and the Public Schools (Abington, 1982).  His own education includes earning a BA degree in Biological Sciences from Rutgers University (1958), as well as two graduate degrees from Fuller Theological Seminary, Master of Divinity in preparation for Christian ministry (1961) and Master of Theology in New Testament studies (1962).

Rev. Connie Larson DeVaughn

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Pastor Connie has ministered at Altadena Baptist Church since 1987, walking side by side with the congregation on their spiritual journeys.  She first attended ABC for a couple of years as a missionary kid, when her father was studying at Fuller Theological Seminary.  When she returned to Fuller for her own studies, she reconnected with ABC and has stayed on ever since.  Her education includes a BA in Biblical Studies from Bethel University (1983) and a Master of Divinity from Fuller (1987).  Her community involvement includes the Kiwanis Club of Altadena/Crown City.  She also serves on the Advisory Council for the Dean of the School of Intercultural Studies, and she facilitates a field education group for the School of Theology, both at Fuller Seminary.

Loren Roberts

Worship Coordinator & Choir Director
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Loren has served in several Pasadena-area churches since 1991, as worship leader, guest worship leader, coordinator, and trainer. He has led masterclasses for church musicians, and continues to train others while going deeper in his own spiritual journey. Loren’s heart is for families in the community, and volunteers with Pasadena Unified schools as well as with the Los Angeles Children’s Chorus. A graduate of Occidental College (1991), Loren helped found the Gospel Choir at Occidental College and was its accompanist while he was a student. He has served on the board of the Pasadena Musical Theatre Program (after-school and summer program for at-risk youth) and continues to pursue ways to serve the local educational community.

Debra Blake

Financial Secretary

John Pomroy

Church Clerk

Brenda Mitchell


Board of Deacons

April 2018-Mar 2019 (year is term expiration)

Chair: Rob Ottaviano (2019)
Vice Chair: Don Winbush (2020)
Worship: Lauren DeVaughn (2021) chair
Education: Don Winbush (2020) chair, Kathy Cady (2021)
Outreach: Leon Barinaga (2019) chair, Allisonne Crawford
Membership Care: Elton Blake (2020) chair, Phyllis Blackwood Henderson (2021)
Finance: RLou Norquist (2020) chair

1-year terms

  • Moderator: Brenda Mitchell (2019)
  • Church Clerk: John Pomroy (2019)
  • Treasurer: Natashia Masten (2019)

Auditing Committee: Kathryn Bassett will continue; Jill Zobrist added to the committee

Sunday School Superintendent and Hospitality Chair positions are vacant.

Shaniesha Hendrix

Kid's Church Superintendent